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Notice is hereby given of the Annual Meeting of Christ Church Parish at 149 Court Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts. An informational meeting will be held at 12:00 PM on Sunday February 6, 2022 via Zoom. The Annual Meeting will be Finalized on February 15th 2022.

The Christ Church Creation Care Committee mission is to lead our church community in caring for God’s creation and all life on earth by reducing our carbon footprint; we do so by educating our congregation, facilitating changes within our church, supporting greater Plymouth community efforts and practicing stewardship as individuals. Our goal is to preserve resources, eliminate waste, and save money through the promotion of recycling, reducing energy use, decreasing the use of paper, and advocating green product usage and renewable energy.

We are studying renewable energy solutions and have determined that solar is the most mature, cost effective and efficient option. We have spoken with several of the approximately 140 churches in Massachusetts who have led the way for us. Nearby Episcopal churches include St. Mary’s in Sandwich, St. Christophers in Chatham, and the Church of the Holy Spirit in Orleans; we hope to lead the way in our Plymouth community. We are thrilled to share that our vestry has endorsed our recommendation to pursue a solar solution and we will focus our 2022 efforts on this initiative. We know there are lots of questions about solar in general and what an implementation at Christ Church will entail, so we hope to offer information through regular updates in “Keeping Connected”, informational Zoom sessions for Q&A and an open invitation to our weekly Creation Care Committee meetings.

Your committee members are Connie Melahoures, Lisa Meserve, Dennis Smith, Jack Willett, Martha Zinger, Norm Zinger and Robyn King. There is much to do to ensure we are procuring the best solution for our needs, so we ask that any parishioners familiar with or interested in solar energy share their experience with us or join us on the Creation Care Committee!

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