Overnights of Hospitality

Caring for The Unhoused in Our Community

Christ Church partners with the Plymouth Taskforce to End Homelessness (PTEH), Father's Bill and Mainspring (FBMS), and other congregations in Plymouth  to provide emergency shelter and meals for unhoused men and women from early November through the end of March. We provide up to 25 guests a safe, warm place to sleep and volunteer-provided evening meals.

During the winter sheltering season, Christ Church hosts the Overnights in our parish hall for six non-consecutive weeks with the First Baptist Church and St. Mary’s hosting the remaining weeks.

For questions about the program, Christ Church participation and other ways you can help, contact the church office.

Stained Glass

Get Involved!

We seek volunteers to serve as overnight chaperones supporting the FBMS staff as well as volunteers to provide meals.

The PTEH provides orientation and training with support from our Christ Church site coordinator.

Further information for volunteering may be found on the PTEH website