Parish Nursing

The Parish Nursing Ministry is comprised of licensed registered nurses whose mission is to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health to parishioners.

4 women nurses of varied age smiling
2 smiling nurses in front of display about staying healthy during flu season

Ministry Leaders

Cheranne Johnson BSN, RN
Drew Lench BSN, RN
Judy Lutz BSN, RN
Liz Morse BA, RN

Given ongoing Covid pandemic concerns, nurses currently provide resources, education, guidance, and support by phone consultation or email only. Once able to safely return to in-person visits, nurses can make arrangements to meet with parishioners in their homes.


Why Connect with a Parish Nurse?

  • Nurses serve as educators, advisors, advocates, and collaborators of care while assisting congregants to manage their health and independence at home.
  • Utilizing a spiritual and holistic approach, nurses serve as an advocate and connection to the congregant’s community and church family.
  • Nurses provide educational information to parishioners that focus on current health topics and those that promote healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Nurses serve as a professional resource to other parish ministries and committees.

Parishioner referrals can be made through Father Dave, a member of the Pastoral Care Team, or by word of mouth. Nurses can be contacted through the Parish Administrator, David Tyler.

Get Involved!

We welcome all licensed registered nurses regardless of specialty area or current work status.

To learn more about us and to volunteer, call our number and leave a brief message: 508-746-4959.